Gifts for men


Weather it’s a birthday gift or an anniversary gift you need to think about what the person  would like. I know it sounds obvious but sometimes you can get distracted by those one time offers on line. To keep focused you can make a list of all the sports or hobbies they have. He may have mentioned he’d like to try a new sport so you can add that to your list. Keep the list to hand so you can use it in the online search. If that’s not appropriate then he may like a personalized gift and there are lots of options for them.
If it’s a gift for a boyfriend and you haven’t known him long why not enlist the help of his friends. Gifts for dad can be just as difficult as they all seem to have everything! Mum can definitely help here. She will know what he’s been talking about wanting or doing so get her input Family is always close to most parents heart so you could give a photo album or memory book. You can leave it blank, compile a memory book for them or even start them off with a few photos yourself.
Whoever you are buying it for, you need to give yourself time. It’s surprising to us how many people put it off and leave it to the last minute. It makes it far less stressful if you just start in time. If you keep a list of ideas you can add to it when you think of something. This way you will always have ideas for the future.

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Christmas cheer!

Christmas should be a time of joy right? Oh boy whoever said that didn’t have to organise food, presents, activities for the kids.

Present can be a really trail! You don’t want to waste money buying gifts that will end up as unwanted gifts. Parents and Grandparents can be a really challenge as they have everything they need. There are varies ideas you can use.
Really think about what they like hobbies, travel, eating out. Time with their children and grandchildren must be on the top of their list,
so you could all go out together for a meal. You can always get creative about what you give them on Christmas day to indicate your all going out for a meal over Christmas. Maybe a card with a menu from their favourite restaurant I’m sure you could think of something appropriate.
Think about their hobbies or something you know they have always wanted to do.

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Photos are our time machines

tommy matt copy

Photos are our time machines, allowing us to be transported back in time. to be Invoking memories of places and people flooding back

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For everyone who has a birthday this month.

Count not the candles…see the lights they give. Count not the years, but the life you live. Wishing you a wonderful time ahead.

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How your album is made EMAIL NOW TO RECEIVE YOUR COUPON FOR FREE DELIVERY IN NZ OR DISCOUNT FOR AN OVERSEAS DELIVERY. so come and see us we’re only a click away.

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We often get enquiries about our produces. The slide show gives you an insight into what processes are necessary to produce our products EMAIL NOW TO RECEIVE YOUR COUPON FOR FREE DELIVERY IN NZ OR DISCOUNT FOR AN OVERSEAS DELIVERY.

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Remember me

birthdays-1 (3)
Flipping through my husband’s family photos I wished someone had made an album. That way I would have known who all these people were and where the photos were taken. Such a shame I thought but it did make me wonder what will happen now with few printed photos? Now computer hard discs are full of photos or they are posted on Facebook. What happens to the photos on their hard drive or Facebook account once the people pass away?
Would family want to sieve through hundreds of photos on a hard drive?. Facebook could be more of a challenge especially if you had conflicting opinions about keeping a page up or not.
Will family historians of the future, find only documentation of their ancestors as few photographs survive? I hope not as to see photos of your ancestors gives you a peak into the past and can spark interest to know more. I think the family history is enhanced with photos of the people on the family tree and it will be a sad if these are not available

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What to buy Grandparents!

photo from home page

It’s so difficult I just don’t know what to buy them. They have everything they need.  If your saying this then don’t worry there is an answer.

The point is they don’t need “stuff” they have plenty. Their house is full of it if they are like my grand parents .

However what they value is memories especial ones with their children and grand children. Why not arrange a memory book for them by contact all the family and get  everyone involved. To save time you can all arrange to contribute photos and time to collate the photos into some kind of story.  Weddings Christenings and even holidays together. It’s great to sit at a computer with photos on screen but it’s not the same as a book. A special gift  they can pass on to their great grand children. It will have all the best photos of that frozen moment in time. The first step,  birthday parties christenings, Each photo has a story to tell and it will bring back happy family gatherings for them.  They will appreciate the time spent to produce it just as much as the gift.

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Checklist for shopping on line


Be organised shopping on line. It can save time, and will help you find that special 21st or birthday gift.  You can order a gift and have it delivered direct to your friends baby shower. You can personalize a leaving or retirement gift from the comfort of your own home. There are challenges, you may be disappointing with a graduation gift it may not arrive in time for your wedding or arrive too late for that special wedding anniversary. So should you buy online? There are challenges, you may be disappointing with a graduation gift it may not arrive in time for your wedding or arrive too late for that special wedding anniversary. EMAIL US FOR A PDF CHECK LIST

Before ordering

1.  Check they are a safe site If you’ve not noticed it before you should have a symbol to          indicate this This is important if they want your card details see below

safe site


2. Always check the contact details have a phone number You  may want help with the order  but if there is a challenge  you have someone to ring

3. Check return details

3. Make sure there is an inquiry page  and use it if you want clarification.  Don’t be afraid to ask  questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question. It may take extra time but it is worth it in the long run. You can always ring them if you are short of time

4. When surfing the net for products, you may find prices vary.  If they are not the same brand investigate as there could be  a difference in quality which is not at first apparent. i.e. is one solid wood and one veneer.

5. Know exactly what you are buying. Make sure that there are several photos of the product on the site. You may need to check out what it’s like inside.

6 Be wary of sites asking you to register or become a member to see their products.

These seem obvious points but when you’re in a hurry sometimes it’s easy to forget one of the above. Email us for a printable PDF of these points so you can keep a copy by your PC.


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