The internet and shopping


frustrated-at-pcThe challenge with online shopping is how to differentiate between low or high quality products. If you click on two sites one could be cheaper but are they the same quality? In a shop you’d pick the items up and compare them.

We believe people who complain about online shopping have either been disappointed with the quality or found hidden costs when they go to the shopping cart. We are constantly asked to confirm our price or delivery cost even though they are on the prices page. We bend over backward to ensure the customer knows exactly what they will receive. They choose the panels from the photos we send, receive an artist impression of any inscription or logo and even get a photo of their album with inscription to get confirmation before posting were possible. We do this to re-assure customers. When there is a challenge we do everything in our power to address it. We understand this isn’t the case with some companies which is a pity as it gives everyone a bad name. smelling-flowers

Like the online florist whose bouquet of flowers you can view, but can’t enjoy the flowers fragrance. On our site you can’t experience the sweet aroma of Swamp Kauri enhanced by the Tung oil before you receive the product. The fragrance lingers in the air when you first open the box, reminiscent of that slight hint of perfume left on an article of clothing.

lrgrhandsttnocThe biggest disadvantage online is photos don’t always reflect the quality. Wood is such a tactile product it invites you to run your hands across the surface. The silky finish just can’t be represented but perhaps one day! After all, today we see and talk to someone on the other side of the world, which would have seemed like science fiction not too long ago!

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