Too many photos!

Do you ever think about how many photos you have on your PC? If you’re like us you’ve got lots. It’s so easy now with digital cameras and various mobile devices. Just aim and click. You suddenly find you’ve hundreds of discs or your hard drive is stuffed.

Our PC sulks pc-copy-copyevery time we come back from a celebration or holiday! Oh not more photos it groans as we add more to that ever increasing mountain of photos on the hard drive. It’s no better having them on discs or memory stick Somewhere in those hundreds (may be thousands of photos!) there is a photo you want to find but can you find it! You scan lots of photos and even resort to blaming the computer, who after all is the innocent party.

Trust us it doesn’t get any easier! What happens if your  PC or external hard drive  crashes you’ll loose them all! You need to prune those photos and have another copy on another device. The trouble is where to start! 

To start the process off you need to  think about what photos we really don’t want to lose. Go through your photos and cut them down by half. Leave them and come back a few days later and half them again. These are the ones you need to make sure you keep. Send a copy to other members of the family or print them but don’t just leave them to build up on discs or PC You could use the cloud to keep them but then that encourages you to keep all of them.

If you find this too hard think about family, friends, or places which have special memories. If you were asked what special moments could you remember over the last 10.20 or even 30 years what would you say? If you were searching your family tree what photos would you like your ancestors to have? Milestones in your family’s lives or historical moments in history. Sometime the person involved is too young to understand the impact of an event. I remember reading that on September 4th 1939 a young girl  had written  in her diary that  nothing happened today!


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