Creating an album or memory book

Give a memory book because they need to keep  pivotal moments alive.  Ideal for  Baby shower,  Christening, birthday, graduation, wedding or  anniversaries.  Not forgetting leaving and retirement. EMAIL US for the free PDF of the information below

book cropedWe expect you’ve got more photos than pages so this is a method to help you choose which to include and how to safe guard the originals

1  The original

Before you start, wherever your precious photos are currently stored, make sure you have copies stored somewhere else other than on the same medium as the originals. This includes old film originals. Scan them or have them scanned by someone with the facilities and be sure to have more than one digital copy. If you really want to be sure you could send a download to a family member so they have a copy on their PC.

2. Photos

You need to prune them but the trouble is where to start!  Remember photos conjures up a memory and are a snap shot of time they are not just a random collection of photos. You’re telling a pictorial story of your wedding, babies or friends life, so choose photos which reflect this. You need to think about the pivotal moments and choose photos accordingly. Try making a pictorial collage on your computer before you start to make sure the story moves forward. Cut the number of photos by half and leave them for a few days, then half the number of photos again. If this is too hard, then focus again on those special moments while you go through your photos. This applies whether it’s a record of your babies, friends or your wedding day. You want your story to be appreciated by your family and friends for years to come.


There are so many out there but you need to consider how it will look say 10 years from now. Cost is a factor so get the best you can afford and take particular notice of the quality of the album. You don’t want to find it has fallen apart a couple of years later. We make several ranges catering for all pockets and tastes as do other companies.

If it’s a wedding or 21st album you don’t have to think about adding photos later as the album is all about your day or a specific period in the past, so once the album or book is completed you won’t want to add more.

I’m going to concentrate on a baby album or keep sake book because there is another question for you when choosing a book or album. Will you or the person you’re buying it for want to add more photos? In this instance you may like to get a book where you can remove or replace photos as time goes on. See how easy is it to remove pages and is there room to take plastic sleeves or even dividers? It seems obvious but people choose by the look of the album and forget the practicalities of using it.

If you’re buying online for albums or books ask questions. We often send photos of the album fronts so people can choose, particularly with Swamp Kauri which has a reflective quality. We encourage customers to ask questions and produce artist impressions of any inscription or art work on their album.

Free artist impression offer

Go to our website and choose a range and size of album or book you like. Email us explaining you’ve read our blog and want the free artist impression of your inscription, photo or logo on the album you like. Usually only available to people who purchase our products. Contact us we’re only a click away

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