Find that Unique Gift For A Women

gift-3134511_1920Many women say they’re easy to buy gifts for but are they? We may think so but do our friends and family feel the same way?  All of us can assume we are easy to find a present for.

Be organized by checking out some suggestions for all of you who struggle to think of that unique gift .

Try to think of something they wouldn’t normally buy themselves. Usually if they have a family, they probably never buy that special treat as they feel guilty spending the money. If they are a gardening enthusiast there are lots of gardening gifts to chose from. Go on line and see the vast choice of plants and products. The companies who grow their own plants are ideal to visit if you are unsure. They can advise you on the conditions needed for the different plants.

If they are into Home decor why not buy a gift voucher or discuss with a partner if there is something you could buy to add that finishing touch to a room.

If it’s your girlfriend or partner you can always listen out for comments about this or that they would like. You could start a list well before the time so you have several choices and also this can help other family members who can’t think of anything. We women can help by mentioning a few items we would like before our special occasion.

If it’s for a friend or family member you don’t see very often, always check that a gift you’ve bought before is till OK. I remember one Easter buying the usual Easter egg for a friend’s child. When I went round before Easter with the egg, the child had been diagnosed diabetic! The moral of this is never assume, always check. Yes I know!  It will take more time to ring or text a friend or partner to ask them but it could save an embarrassing moment!

The gift doesn’t have to be expensive, maybe a day out without the family with a lunch at her favourite cafe You could surprise her by arranging a baby sitter and splashing out on tickets to a show or concert   Buy a memory book and get all friends and family to supply photos. You can even get friends and family to add their own photos to a few pages. “More hands make light work”. They will appreciate the time you took to arrange any gift which needs prior preparation.

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