Keep Memories alive

It’s a sad but one day those we love will no longer be with us. What would you like your grand or great grandchildren to know about your parents or grandparents? Photos help to build up an image of the person. We all have different characteristics but which ones comes to mind when you think about your parents or grandparents?

Think about the photos you have which epitomizes the person you want to remember. These photos of my parents speak volumes and it doesn’t need any explanation. Unfortunately the are no longer with us but we can help her grandchildren to visualize what they were like even though they have never met them. What photos would you like to pass on?

The other sad fact is lots of people don’t think about this. They have a jumbled collection of photos languishing on the PC or on their phone. Take some time to delete those you don’t want and keep a copy of just the ones that are meaningful to you. You could make a family album which could be a family heirloom for your children. Most people are more reluctant to dispose of albums than photos, especially if there are lots of photos on a phone or PC. Make it easy by only keeping those you really want.

Now is the time to start thinking about the photos you take in the future. Don’t just snap away but stop to ask yourself what photos will remind you of this moment in time? Less is always best.

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