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Flipping through my husband’s family photos I wished someone had made an album. That way I would have known who all these people were and where the photos were taken. Such a shame I thought but it did make me wonder what will happen now with few printed photos? Now computer hard discs are full of photos or they are posted on Facebook. What happens to the photos on their hard drive or Facebook account once the people pass away?
Would family want to sieve through hundreds of photos on a hard drive?. Facebook could be more of a challenge especially if you had conflicting opinions about keeping a page up or not.

Those photos of our children are priceless. If we don’t organize them when they are growing up it will be far more difficult later when you have them all in your phone or PC. Keep the ones you prefer and delete the rest so it’s not such a task later on. Choose the photos which make a pictorial journey through a period of time. If your missing some point in time you may be able to get a relative to sent you some.

Will family historians of the future, find only documentation of their ancestors as few photographs survive? I hope not as to see photos of your ancestors gives you a peak into the past and can spark interest to know more. I think the family history is enhanced with photos of the people on the family tree and it will be a sad if these are not available

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Be organized. Help with What to buy Grandparents!

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It’s so difficult I just don’t know what to buy them. They have everything they need.  If your saying this then don’t worry there is an answer.

The point is they don’t need “stuff” they have plenty. Their house is full of it if they are like my grand parents .

However what they value are memories especially ones with their children and grand children. Why not arrange a memory book for them by contacting all the family and getting  everyone involved. To save time you can all arrange to contribute photos and time to collate the photos into some kind of story.  Weddings, Christenings and even holidays together. It’s great to sit at a computer with photos on screen but it’s not the same as a book. A special gift  they can pass on to their great grand children. It will have all the best photos of that frozen moment in time. The first step,  could be birthday parties and christenings. Each photo has a story to tell and it will bring back happy family gatherings for them.  They will appreciate the time spent to produce it just as much as the gift.

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Be organized and safe shopping on line see our Check list


Be organised and safe shopping on line.

There are definitely advantages. it can save time, and help you find that special 21st gift or  your perfect Wedding or Honeymoon gift .

If you are unable to attend a function like your friends baby shower you can still send a gift  and have it delivered direct to them if you order online . You can personalize a leaving or retirement gift from the comfort of your own home.

There are challenges, you may be disappointing with a graduation gift it may not arrive in time for your wedding or arrive too late for that special wedding anniversary. So should you buy online? There are challenges, you may be disappointing with a graduation gift or it may not arrive in time for your wedding or arrive too late for that special wedding anniversary. EMAIL US FOR A PDF CHECK LIST

Before ordering

1.  Check they are a safe site If you’ve not noticed it before you should have a symbol to          indicate this This is important if they want your card details see below

safe site

2. Always check the contact details have a phone number You  may want help with the order  but if there is a challenge  you have someone to ring

3. Check return details

3. Make sure there is an inquiry page  and use it if you want clarification.  Don’t be afraid to ask  questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question. It may take extra time but it is worth it in the long run. You can always ring them if you are short of time

4. When surfing the net for products, you may find prices vary.  If they are not the same brand investigate as there could be  a difference in quality which is not at first apparent. i.e. is one solid wood and one veneer.

5. Know exactly what you are buying. Make sure that there are several photos of the product on the site. You may need to check out what it’s like inside.

6 Be wary of sites asking you to register or become a member to see their products.

These seem obvious points but when you’re in a hurry sometimes it’s easy to forget one of the above. Email us for a printable PDF of these points so you can keep a copy by your PC.

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Memory books for Baby gifts Birthdays Graduations anniversaries weddings retirements and Leaving gifts.

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Quote It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life. – J.R.R. Tolkien

We’re in the business of preserving memories. Creating a special memory or scrap book so those precious moments can be preserved. A book to keep near at hand so it could be viewed and memories recalled. Photos conjures up a memory and are a snap shot of time especially for the parents whose children have grown up or the person whose partner has passed on.

Clients use our products for various occasions. Retirements and leaving gifts are a popular option for companies and their staff. Gardening  and Home decor enthusiast love our books  as  they can remove and add pages . Personalized  books can be used as journals to record events  for  future 21st birthday or  Graduations . The recipient appreciate  the time spent to produce the gift and will treasure it all their lives. We have created a PDF with the best ideas for gifts. If you can’t think of anything, contact us and we’ll send you a copy.

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Creating an album or memory book

Give a memory book because they need to keep  pivotal moments alive.  Ideal for  Baby shower,  Christening, birthday, graduation, wedding or  anniversaries.  Not forgetting leaving and retirement. EMAIL US for the free PDF of the information below

book cropedWe expect you’ve got more photos than pages so this is a method to help you choose which to include and how to safe guard the originals

1  The original

Before you start, wherever your precious photos are currently stored, make sure you have copies stored somewhere else other than on the same medium as the originals. This includes old film originals. Scan them or have them scanned by someone with the facilities and be sure to have more than one digital copy. If you really want to be sure you could send a download to a family member so they have a copy on their PC.

2. Photos

You need to prune them but the trouble is where to start!  Remember they are not just a random collection of photos. You’re telling a pictorial story of your wedding, babies or friends life, so choose photos which reflect this. You need to think about the pivotal moments and choose photos accordingly. Try making a pictorial collage on your computer before you start to make sure the story moves forward. Cut the number of photos by half and leave them for a few days, then half the number of photos again. If this is too hard, then focus again on those special moments while you go through your photos. This applies whether it’s a record of your babies, friends or your wedding day. You want your story to be appreciated by your family and friends for years to come.


There are so many out there but you need to consider how it will look say 10 years from now. Cost is a factor so get the best you can afford and take particular notice of the quality of the album. You don’t want to find it has fallen apart a couple of years later. We make several ranges catering for all pockets and tastes as do other companies.

If it’s a wedding or 21st album you don’t have to think about adding photos later as the album is all about your day or a specific period in the past, so once the album or book is completed you won’t want to add more.

I’m going to concentrate on a baby album or keep sake book because there is another question for you when choosing a book or album. Will you or the person you’re buying it for want to add more photos? In this instance you may like to get a book where you can remove or replace photos as time goes on. See how easy is it to remove pages and is there room to take plastic sleeves or even dividers? It seems obvious but people choose by the look of the album and forget the practicalities of using it.

If you’re buying online for albums or books ask questions. We often send photos of the album fronts so people can choose, particularly with Swamp Kauri which has a reflective quality. We encourage customers to ask questions and produce artist impressions of any inscription or art work on their album.

Free artist impression offer

Go to our website and choose a range and size of album or book you like. Email us explaining you’ve read our blog and want the free artist impression of your inscription, photo or logo on the album you like. Usually only available to people who purchase our products. Contact us we’re only a click away

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Too many photos!

Do you ever think about how many photos you have on your PC? If you’re like us you’ve got lots. It’s so easy now with digital cameras and various mobile devices. Just aim and click. You suddenly find you’ve hundreds of discs or your hard drive is stuffed.

Our PC sulks pc-copy-copyevery time we come back from a celebration or holiday! Oh not more photos it groans as we add more to that ever increasing mountain of photos on the hard drive. It’s no better having them on discs or memory stick Somewhere in those hundreds (may be thousands of photos!) there is a photo you want to find but can you find it! You scan lots of photos and even resort to blaming the computer, who after all is the innocent party.

Trust us it doesn’t get any easier! What happens if your  PC or external hard drive  crashes you’ll loose them all! You need to prune those photos and have another copy on another device. The trouble is where to start! 

To start the process off you need to  think about what photos we really don’t want to lose. Go through your photos and cut them down by half. Leave them and come back a few days later and half them again. These are the ones you need to make sure you keep. Send a copy to other members of the family or print them but don’t just leave them to build up on discs or PC You could use the cloud to keep them but then that encourages you to keep all of them.

If you find this too hard think about family, friends, or places which have special memories. If you were asked what special moments could you remember over the last 10.20 or even 30 years what would you say? If you were searching your family tree what photos would you like your ancestors to have? Milestones in your family’s lives or historical moments in history. Sometime the person involved is too young to understand the impact of an event. I remember reading that on September 4th 1939 a young girl  had written  in her diary that  nothing happened today!


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The internet and shopping


frustrated-at-pcThe challenge with online shopping is how to differentiate between low or high quality products. If you click on two sites one could be cheaper but are they the same quality? In a shop you’d pick the items up and compare them.

We believe people who complain about online shopping have either been disappointed with the quality or found hidden costs when they go to the shopping cart. We are constantly asked to confirm our price or delivery cost even though they are on the prices page. We bend over backward to ensure the customer knows exactly what they will receive. They choose the panels from the photos we send, receive an artist impression of any inscription or logo and even get a photo of their album with inscription to get confirmation before posting were possible. We do this to re-assure customers. When there is a challenge we do everything in our power to address it. We understand this isn’t the case with some companies which is a pity as it gives everyone a bad name. smelling-flowers

Like the online florist whose bouquet of flowers you can view, but can’t enjoy the flowers fragrance. On our site you can’t experience the sweet aroma of Swamp Kauri enhanced by the Tung oil before you receive the product. The fragrance lingers in the air when you first open the box, reminiscent of that slight hint of perfume left on an article of clothing.

lrgrhandsttnocThe biggest disadvantage online is photos don’t always reflect the quality. Wood is such a tactile product it invites you to run your hands across the surface. The silky finish just can’t be represented but perhaps one day! After all, today we see and talk to someone on the other side of the world, which would have seemed like science fiction not too long ago!

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