The beauty of Swamp Kauri

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There are some amazing timbers from around the world.  New Zealand’s Swamp  Kauri is one of them Swamp Kauri                        Mahogany                                     Quilted maple   Swamp Kauri is one of the oldest workable timbers in the world and has been buried in swamp land for thousands … Continue reading

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How your album is made

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We often get enquiries about our produces. The slide show gives you an insight into what processes are necessary to produce our products

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Contact Page

You can contact us at For more information go to our website You can use our shopping cart to order and pay for you products

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Ideas for presents

For those milestone birthdays from 18 to 100 why not get all the family involved?  Use photos from family, friends or work colleagues . You can then produce a memory book and  use our guest book to record who was at the celebration.Gifts to treasure!

The Regency photo album is the ultimate gift. Use the software provided to produce  an album of all their favourite photos. The pages are card and not thin paper as in a photo book

Regency open family2

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What’s New

Enter the world of Timber Treasures to sample the visual delights of beautiful NZ timbers .
 All ranges copyRegency 8x10Yvonnes

John & Viv green koruSue's L EJRebecca's photo copySwamp Kauri m Large  and guestbook  copyWilliams album copy

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Moving House!

Instead of moving to a new house why not take your old one with you!!!
Three easy steps!!!
First you need to load it up

checking placement

Second Wagons ho!!!! Even has it’s own escort. Mind you I’d not like to meet it coming the other way!!!
S&P going out of gatae

Third once the bewitching hours has come your free to go. They told us this was a baby hate to see a big one!!!
P&S house

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Northland New Zealand


Northland skies
Our business in in Northland at the top of the North Island where changing weather patterns give you the most amazing skies.
Sunrise and sunset bring the most breath taking sights.



Sunshine and azure blue skies changes quickly to dark oppressive black clouds in seconds.

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